Is May a good time to visit the Galapagos?

Galapagos in May


Off-Peak Season

May in the Galapagos Islands is part of the transition period between the hot and rainy season and the cooler, drier season. The islands are not as crowded as during the peak months of December and January, and March/April (the schools’ Spring Break) providing a more serene experience. However, it’s worth remembering that the Galapagos Islands are an all-year destination and can really be enjoyed at any time of the year.


Photos from May

All the photos in this article were taken during the month of May, either at Galapagos Safari Camp or on one of our Safaris (these will be uploaded shortly!).


Galapagos in May: At a Glance

Warm & Wet Season
Lush, green vegetation
Mating season for many animals
Air temperature: 22-31°C / 71-88°F
Sea temperature: 74-76°C / 23-24°C
Average rainfall: 2-5cm / 0.75-2in
Clear skies: 4-7 hours
Intermittent rain showers
Wind force: 1-4
Underwater visibility: approx 10-30m


Galapagos Weather in May

Galapagos clear night sky in May


May in the Galapagos is characterized by a delightful mix of sunny days punctuated by occasional rain showers, which helps maintain the islands’ lush vegetation. The blend of warm air and cooler currents makes for comfortable days and evenings.

Ocean Currents: With the return of the southern trade winds and cold waters from Antarctica, the cooler ocean currents brings nutrient-rich waters closer to the surface, enhancing marine life visibility.

Rainfall: The rain of the previous months starts to ease off and a pleasant breeze cools the heat of the afternoon sun.

Humidity: Humidity levels begin to drop in May but remain comfortable.


Galapagos Wildlife in May

When it comes to wildlife in the Galapagos, there is never a dull moment at any time of the year. All the uninhabited islands we visit, including our home island of Santa Cruz are a buzz of activity.


Galapagos Safari Camp in May

Galapagos giant tortoise under a Safari Tent

Galapagos giant tortoise under a Safari Tent


The Camp is at its lushest during the month of May and there is plenty of wildlife activity to enjoy from the camp itself.

The weather at the Camp mirrors the general climate of the islands—mild and inviting, with an occasional sprinkle to cool down the afternoons.


A giant tortoise ambles down our driveway

A giant tortoise ambles down our driveway


Summary: Galapagos in May

Visiting the Galapagos in May is an excellent choice for those who enjoy mild weather, fewer crowds, and active wildlife. The islands offer a blend of the end of the wet season’s lushness and the beginning of the dry season’s calm, making it a perfect time for both land explorations and marine adventures.


May Reviews of Galapagos Safari Camp

The following are comments from guests who stayed at Galapagos Safari Camp in May.


Collected from feedback forms: 

“Best food we have had so far and have been to several lodges on the mainland. [Name of guide] is a very good guide, excellent communicator and good fun company.”

“You made it truly special. Jorge, thanks for the music! Great tours, great staff, you are very lucky to have Jorge, he made our stay!!”

“Amazing stay. Had the best time!”

“Our stay with you and all the related elements of our trip were truly awesome and amazing… every aspect!”

“Thank you for such an incredible experience! Everything and everyone was amazing! :)”

“Jose went above and beyond to make each day magical and we are so grateful!”

“The ‘low key’ elegance and lack of pretention was perfect and so appreciated. I felt relaxed and cared for every moment. Learned so much from all the guides. Perfect sampling of Santa Cruz based activities (land) and water.”

“The food and beverage selection and service were excellent! Thankful for the care taken to supply us so well for each different expedition. Water and towels for Garrapatero, ginger tea and snorkel/wetsuits for snorkelling! The rhythm of each day was perfect, the choices of activities and schedule flexibility was essential!”


Tripadvisor & Google Reviews of Galapagos Safari Camp submitted in May

Visiting the Galapagos Islands has been an adventure I have wanted to pursue for many years. Discovering the jewel of Galapagos Safari Camp made the execution of this dream trip perfect. Situated in the Highlands of Santa Cruz Island, the Camp is the epitome of subdued outdoors luxury and comfort. The tents are private oases, providing a camping exposure to nature with exceptional bedding, private bathroom/shower and other amenities. Similarly, the Family Suite offers the same level of comfort and style for a couple and children travelling together.From our exceptional guide meeting us at and expediting us through the airport on day one and back on t[our last day to the team at the Camp, we couldn't have been more satisfied. Our itinerary was custom designed providing two land days with excursions to a unique and wondrous tortoise reserve, as well as bike riding, gorgeous beaches and the Darwin Research Centre in the charming town of Puerto Ayora. We also enjoyed three days on a fabulous yacht snorkeling and exploring the islands of North Seymour, Bartolome and South Plaza with a certified Galapagos guide. The flora and fauna are truly magical and unforgettable. Every aspect of our trip was planned with the utmost care for our needs, food preferences and goals. The food and service were five stars every day and for each and every meal - beyond our highest expectations. From our exceptional guide meeting us at and expediting us through the airport on day one and back on[our last day to the superb team at the Camp, we couldn't have been more satisfied.

“we couldn’t have been more satisfied.”

For more testimonials, see our reviews on Tripadvisor (you can filter them for ‘time of year’) and also on Google.


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