Is March a good time to visit the Galapagos Islands?

March in the Galapagos Islands continues the vibrant life initiated by the Warm and Wet season. The islands are awash in color as the vegetation remains lush and animals are highly active, engaging in nesting, mating, and birthing rituals.


Galapagos in March: At a glance

  • Warm & Wet Season
  • Peak of lush, green vegetation
  • Heightened mating and birthing season for wildlife
  • Air temperature: 23-32°C / 73-90°F
  • Sea temperature: 25-27°C / 77-80°F
  • Average rainfall: 3-6cm / 1.2-2.4in
  • Extended clear skies periods
  • Frequent, yet brief rain showers
  • Wind force: 1-3
  • Underwater visibility: approx 10-25m


What is the weather like in March

Paradise for sun lovers

March sees the continuation of the warm and wet season, with temperatures ranging comfortably for sun lovers between 23-32°C (73-90°F). The sea temperatures, now at their warmest, offer ideal conditions for extended snorkeling and swimming sessions.

Refreshing rain showers

The island experiences its share of rainfall, ensuring the flora stays vibrant. These showers are typically short-lived, clearing up quickly to reveal sunny, blue skies, making every day in March perfect for exploration and relaxation.


What wildlife will I see in March

The wildlife in the Galapagos is fascinating and bountiful at any time of year. In March, you can expect the following

  • Green sea turtles are in the midst of their hatching season
  • Land birds are highly visible, engaging in nesting activities
  • Galapagos sea lions are particularly playful, with pups often seen on the beaches
  • Both marine and land iguanas are visible, some still in mating colors
  • Newborn Galapagos giant tortoises may start to emerge

Additional sightings:

Species frequently spotted on our Safaris during March include:

  • Flamingo
  • Galapagos hawk
  • sharks
  • Various species of Darwin’s finches
  • magnificent frigatebirds


Galapagos Safari Camp in March

As the air fills with moisture, especially near the coasts, the highland location of Galapagos Safari Camp offers a refreshing retreat. Cooler evenings provide a perfect backdrop for dining under the stars and peaceful, comfortable nights without the need for air conditioning.

The sunset views in March are nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy your favorite beverage as you watch the sun cast its golden hues over the national park and the silhouetted islands.



With the Warm & Wet Season in full swing, March stands out as an excellent time for those seeking sunshine and adventure to visit the Galapagos Islands. Despite the expectation of rain, the weather is predominantly sunny, offering clear, blue skies and warm seas, enriching both land and underwater explorations.

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