Is February a good time to visit the Galapagos Islands?

The Galapagos Islands in February: The view of the National Park and Pacific Ocean from Galapagos Safari Camp

The view of the Galapagos National Park and Pacific Ocean from Galapagos Safari Camp (taken in February)


February in the Galapagos Islands marks a vibrant period where the Warm and Wet Season brings the archipelago to life. With flowers blossoming and numerous land species engaging in nesting and mating rituals, the islands become a hub of natural activity.


South Plaza Island, Galapagos in February

The spectacular sesuvium carpet on South Plaza Island, taken on a Safari visit in February


In this post we highlight what you can expect if visiting the Galapagos Islands in February, offering insights into the weather, wildlife, and Safari experiences at Galapagos Safari Camp.


Photos from February

All the photos in this article were taken during the month of February, either at Galapagos Safari Camp or on one of our Safaris.


Galapagos in February: At a glance

Sea lions basking on Santa Fe Island (Galapagos in February)

Sea lions basking on Santa Fe Island


  • Warm & Wet Season
  • Lush, green vegetation
  • Mating season for many animals
  • Air temperature: 22-31°C / 71-88°F
  • Sea temperature: 74-76°C / 23-24°C
  • Average rainfall: 2-5cm / 0.75-2in
  • Clear skies: 4-7 hours
  • Intermittent rain showers
  • Wind force: 1-4
  • Underwater visibility: approx 10-30m


What is the weather like in February

Galapagos in February: blue skies and frigatebirds

Sunny skies and soaring frigatebirds


Good for sun-seekers

February’s climate is perfect for those chasing the sun, featuring warm days with temperatures between 22-31°C (71-88°F) and sea temperatures ideal for snorkeling at 23-24°C (74-76°F).


Short rain showers

Although brief rain showers are common, they give way to extended periods of clear skies.

A barn owl takes shelter from the rain in our main lodge

A barn owl takes shelter from the rain in our main lodge


The calm seas, enhanced by the easing southern trade winds, make for smoother boat journeys and excellent underwater visibility for snorkeling and kayaking adventures.


Galapagos boat trips are smoother in the month of February

This season brings calmer seas and smoother boat navigations


What wildlife will I see in February

Land Iguana (Galapagos wildlife in February)

Land iguanas can show territorial tendencies at this time of year


The warm & wet season is a celebration of new beginnings for the creatures of the Galapagos Islands. Many species of birds, iguanas, turtles, and giant tortoises are starting to breed. This flurry of mating activity makes for some interesting wildlife encounters.

  • Green sea turtles start laying their eggs
  • Land birds begin nesting and courtship rituals
  • Galapagos sea lions come out to play!


Sea lions on Santa Fe Island in February

Sea lions basking on Santa Fe Island


  • Marine iguanas and land iguanas start their mating season.


Galapagos land iguana, Santa Fe Island

Galapagos land iguana


  • Galapagos giant tortoises are frequently seen at camp


A giant tortoise outside the main lodge of Galapagos Safari Camp

A giant tortoise pauses outside our main lodge


Giant tortoises are often seen grazing under the Safari tents at Galapagos Safari Camp

Giant tortoises are often seen grazing under our Safari tents

Other species:

Species frequently spotted on our Safaris during February include:

  • Blue-footed booby
  • Brown pelican
  • Frigatebird
  • Galapagos Dove
  • Galapagos Finch
  • Galapagos Mockingbird
  • Galapagos Penguin


Galapagos Safari Camp in February

"Saint Peter" - a Galapagos barn owl and the keeper of the keys at Galapagos Safari Camp!

“Saint Peter” – the keeper of the keys at Galapagos Safari Camp!


During this season, moisture in the air increases, especially along the shorelines. Nestled in the elevated terrains of Santa Cruz, Galapagos Safari Camp enjoys the advantage of cooler evenings and nights. This allows guests to dine in comfort outside and to sleep comfortably without the need for air conditioning.


Harvesting mandarins in February for breakfast jams and juice at Galapagos Safari Camp

Harvesting mandarins for breakfast jams and juice at Galapagos Safari Camp


Sunsets are also impressive during this period. Indulge in your preferred drink and watch the sun dip below the horizon of the national park and the remote islands, marking a serene close to your day.


Sunset at Galapagos Safari Camp in February

February sunsets at Galapagos Safari Camp


The Warm & Wet Season (Dec/January to June/July) is well underway now, and February is an ideal month for sun seekers to visit the Galapagos Islands. Although daily rain showers are to be expected, they are usually short and followed by long periods of clear, blue, sunny skies.

For more information on the weather and wildlife in the Galapagos, please visit When to visit the Galapagos Islands.


A giant tortoise approaches Galapagos Safari Camp


February Reviews of Galapagos Safari Camp

Collected from feedback forms:

“Excellent! Exceeded expectation. Not only was the staff very attentive and friendly but they fulfilled needs we didn’t know we had. The location and facilities are amazing, with excellent service. Food was outstanding. Brava to Daisy!! Would love to return with friends. Love it here, hard to leave”

“We have truly had a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much. A haven for relaxation. Loved every minute. Amazing team and service! [Name of guide] is the best guide we have ever had. We loved all the activities, especially the water related ones”

“A very nice hospitable team with a superb kitchen!”

“We felt pampered and made as comfortable as possible. Alejandro helped us in every possible way to maximise our enjoyment. It surpassed our expectations”

“Food was exquisite and very delicious”

“Magical experience. Thank you very much, especially in accommodating with children’s activities in the off season”

“Amazing staff, great flexibility with scheduling, ease of airport procedures super helpful. [Name of guide] is so knowledgeable – one of the best guides anywhere. Also she is very sensitive to our needs, which is helpful with a child around”

“The food was spectacular. Appreciated the attention to details and textures. Better than some of the finest restaurants we’ve eaten at. Our family enjoyed the meals immensely. The property is amazing, as was service. Really appreciate the ‘invisible’ housekeeping service where everything was done either while out or at dinner. [Name of guide and driver] were both amazing, very courteous and attentive.”

“the menus were amazing! We loved everything about our stay! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Gracias por todo!”


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