Galapagos Travel Guide
The Galapagos Islands Everything you need to know about visiting the Galapagos Islands

Experiences Inspired by Nature

The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos… its name echoes with enigmatic promise. A place not quite on the map but somehow firmly planted in our imaginations.

Born of fire 1,000 km / 600 miles out in the Pacific, the volcanic archipelago is world-renowned, famed for its amazing, fearless creatures who inhabit its 13 larger islands (four of which are inhabited) and hundreds of islets, rocks and outcrops. It’s influenced by no less than four ocean currents which drive its species’ diversity and its natural cycles.

Galapagos Travel Guide

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A Living Museum and Showcase of Evolution

Protected by a national park across 97% of its landmass and by one of the world’s largest marine reserves, it remains a remarkable example of conservation and sustainability.

Galapagos Travel Guide

Science Inspired in Galapagos Wildlife

Evolutionary Theory

Inspiration for Charles Darwin and the scientists who have followed in his wake, the Galapagos archipelago is the birthplace of evolutionary theory. These islands teach us how life adapts, thrives or fails, change our conception of Man’s perch in the great Tree of Life, help us to experience a deeper connection with the natural world, to discover something new (or forgotten) about ourselves.

Galapagos Travel Guide

Discover an Endless Source of Wonder

A Place for Firsts…

The Galapagos are an endless source of wonder. To roam their captivating landscapes, or swim among their teeming waters, while wildlife goes about completely unperturbed by our presence never fails to move, to touch, to transform the way we think about ourselves and nature.

We invite you to broaden each of your senses, to open up to these islands’ magic. We promise you you’ll return home changed, refreshed, inspired, more attuned to nature and to your inner self.

The Galapagos is a place for firsts…

Galapagos Travel Guide

Galapagos Safari Camp - Iguana illustration
Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Among the Wild Things

From our Camp on Santa Cruz Island, in the heart of the archipelago, you set out on our Safaris to encounter amazing, often endemic and sometimes very curious creatures who have adapted to the demanding conditions of these remote islands, stranded in the vast blues of the Pacific Ocean.

Galapagos Islands

No Two are the Same

Their volcanic origins mean that each island is different from the other: some uplifted from the ocean floor by titanic forces, others seemingly only recently frozen in time in mid-eruption. Even their vegetation is peculiar and contrasting, with pioneering plants clinging to the slopes of ash-laden hillsides, forests of ghostly-grey palo santo trees, carpets of bright scarlet sesuvium that seem dabbed to life by an Impressionist painter…

Galapagos Travel Guide