Cloud Forest Safari Extension Enter the Green Mansions northwest of Quito
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Cloud Forest Tours

Less-known than the rainforest, the cloud forest is in fact thought to be even more biodiverse, home to millions of species such as the Andean Spectacled Bear, pumas, ocelots, frogs, toads, insets and mesmerizing numbers of bird species. It’s an ecosystem still giving up its secrets to science, a place to treasure and protect. Wander this land of incredible connections, full of life, full of mystery, with expert guides and enjoy how it comes alive with every step.
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Mashpi Lodge

Mashpi Lodge

A hideaway in the clouds, located on a high plateau to the northwest of Quito, this National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World features a canopy gondola, sky bike and observation tower for discovering this biodiverse world.

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