Appropriate Luxury
Appropriate Luxury in The Galapagos

Appropriate Luxury

Working with Nature

Are you willing to forgo the trappings of traditional luxury, reawaken your senses and experience nature in an intimate, transformative, appropriate way that fills you with memories and leaves no trace behind?

As you plan your journey we urge you to keep this important question in mind: how appropriate is my tour?

At Galapagos Safari Camp we fully embrace your soul-searching quest for meaningful answers when you set out to explore the planet: What will my impact be? Will I be respecting the natural and human environment while traveling? What will I have to give up for the sake of the planet?

Appropriate luxury Galapagos hotel - working with nature

Do you care?

In itself a large and heavily protected area -97% of land and the surrounding marine reserve are under Galapagos National Park authority- the Galapagos remain one of the last pristine natural sanctuaries, and amongst the most fragile in our planet.

Living in the Galapagos we felt the urge to respect and protect this fragile ecosystem.

From the very beginning we strove to balance the expectations of our guests with the responsibility of looking after this swath of wilderness we chose to call home.

Despite the archipelago being considered one of the best managed nature-based tourism destinations, there are still many ways in which tourists’ footprint can be lessened.

Appropriate Luxury
Appropriate Luxury

What is the Appropriate way of visiting the Galapagos?

We believe we all need to adjust, to attune our expectations, to embrace the uniqueness of each destination we visit; to be aware and mindful of all that travel implies and the consequences of our choices.

Going beyond Galapagos National Park restrictions, we choose to work with nature, -rather than against- creating opportunities for you to discover -and enjoy- the endless source of wellness that comes from being in direct, unrestricted touch with the natural world.

How do we work with Nature to get the Appropriate Luxury right at Galapagos Safari Camp?

Our 50 hectares of land own us, not the other way around. If one day we decide to cease operations there will be very little trace that we were ever here at all…

Appropriate Luxury

Tread Lightly

It is with intent that the layout of the camp follows the land; little to no alterations were required during construction as we adapted to the terrain.

Indoors and outdoors blend; tents stand nimbly on stilts, fanning into the forest. Uncluttered spaces, fitted with warm earthen colours and comfortable furniture that highlight the views.

Appropriate luxury Galapagos hotel
Appropriate luxury Galapagos hotel

Awaken Your Senses

Strategically oriented canvas and netting allow the natural breezes of the Highlands to run unimpeded, cooling the tents and lodge and bringing in the scents and sounds of the forest.

Low-intensity lighting creates an intimate atmosphere that doesn’t intrude on the habits of nocturnal wildlife and allows unhindered view of the starry skies of Northern and Southern hemispheres.

No Water, No Life

That fresh water is scarce in a volcanic island will come as no surprise. Native and endemic species have evolved in ingenious manners to adapt themselves to this restriction, but human demands put endless pressure on this life-sustaining resource.

Collecting rain water was a priority when designing the Camp. A clever network of gutters and a huge reservoir that can sustain our yearly needs allow us to collect fresh water, which is then filtered and treated for human consumption.

The reservoir creates a wildlife-friendly humid area as well, in which frigates have been seen to come from down the ocean to wash out the salt from their feathers.

Appropriate Luxury
Appropriate Luxury

We indulge our guest’s expectations with a small-sized infinity pool with an ocean view set up close to the play area.

You can start your morning with a quick dip, or cool off after a day at sea, as long as you don’t mind sharing the pool with chattering mockingbirds and finches.

Food for Thought

Farm-to-table cuisine is full of nuances in the Galapagos, as farming puts pressure on land and water that are essential for ecosystems to thrive. Local is not always the most sensible solution.

Fine dining, on the other hand, also requires a fully-stocked pantry to cater to open menus full of endless choices that involve frequent sourcing from the mainland and notable waste of unused produce.

At Safari Camp we believe in Honest dining: carefully crafted tasting menus that combine what is readily available in the islands -and safe to consume without creating extra demand- with Ecuadorian ingredients and recipes, reducing the waste and the pressures of a larger selection while catering to any type of food preferences or restrictions.

Appropriate Luxury