Our Story
Our Galapagos Story Built on a dream
Our Story

A Way of Life

A Journey of Purpose and Passion

Our Camp was built on a dream. When we first arrived at the farm in 2003 and scrambled up a tree to get a better look at the lay of the land, we were captivated by the incredible views, our immediate intimacy with nature, the unspoiled and raw beauty of what our senses were experiencing.

It was intoxicating and overwhelming in its uniqueness: a Galapagos experience that defied description.

We bought the land and started living on the farm. It became a way of life that connected us to incredible Galapagos experiences and defined the pillars of our philosophy: Purpose, Personalisation, Experiential, Honest Dining, Seamless Journey, Balanced Disconnection. Read more about our approach to Luxury Travel in the Galapagos.

Creating Meaningful Experiences

We had always been part of a travelling culture, and most of those adventures to exotic destinations were defined and made memorable and remarkable by the people who welcomed us with a smile and a commitment to service. Through simple but comfortable surroundings, farm to table cuisine and mindful attention to detail, we decided to create Galapagos experiences for likeminded travellers who are inspired by nature and seek meaningful life experiences.

Begin Your Journey with Us

As we realised as we climbed down from the tree and began making our dream a reality — and just as you will realise when you explore with us — the Galapagos challenge us all on many levels. They are powerful in their raw, volcanic beauty. Their legacy has lessons for us all. Their creatures’ fearlessness is unlike anything you will have experienced. Challenges await, adventures too, in our company, and stories to pocket and cherish, share and inspire.
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Our Story