Safari Dining

A journey across Ecuadorian cuisine


A Culinary Journey

Our four-course tasting menu offers a nightly journey across Ecuadorian cuisine and beyond, with local recipes and traditional dishes reimagined with refined simplicity, using locally-sourced products whenever possible. A carefully-curated wine list offers a tour of South American wines to complement the experience.

Think quinoa pesto salad with roasted carrots, vegetables & yogurt… Grouper in an Ecuadorian coastal-style coconut sauce… Wahoo ceviche with sweet-potato cubes… Pork leg, marinated in beer, lemon and butter, roasted, accompanied by a passion fruit sauce, steamed corn in a leaf, avocado and spicy pickle…


Dining at Galapagos Safari Camp
Dining at Galapagos Safari Camp
Dining at Galapagos Safari Camp
Dining at Galapagos Safari Camp
Dining at Galapagos Safari Camp
Dining at Galapagos Safari Camp
Dining at Galapagos Safari Camp

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Outdoor dining at Galapagos Safari Camp

Sustainable Dining

Explore our philosophy of Honest Dining, in which our menus combine sustainable island-sourced ingredients and Ecuadorian flavors, minimizing waste while catering to your preferences and restrictions.



Dining in Nature

You can choose to have dinner indoors at our long, hardwood table or al fresco on the veranda. Outside, guests dine with their own traveling companions, unless an alternative arrangement is requested.

Whether relaxing at the pool, sharing conversation and drinks at the Viewpoint or by the fireplace, or even enjoying a quiet game of chess, we’ll always be there to anticipate your needs, before you even realized you had one.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, need gluten-free, or have allergies, just let us know — we’ll ensure your needs are cared for.

Outdoor dining at Galapagos Safari Camp
A Galapagos hotel for foodies and finches
Dining can accommodate large or small groups at Galapagos Safari Camp
Indoor dining room at Galapagos Safari Camp
Safari Dining, Galapagos Safari Camp

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Taste the World’s Finest Chocolate

To add another layer of experience at the Camp, we can arrange a chocolate-tasting session. Not only will you have the chance to taste To’ak Chocolate — regarded as the world’s finest and rarest chocolate — you’ll learn about the history and health-giving properties of this bean — which is originally from Ecuador. Moreover, you will get to sample the world’s first Galapagos chocolate bar, made with our very own cacao.

Read the story on our blog and learn more about our Toak Galapagos Chocolate Tasting Experience.

Toak chocolate tasting at Galapagos Safari Camp
Private picnics at Galapagos Safari Camp


An Explorer’s Picnic

Imagine a private picnic up in the wilds of the Highlands or inside the mysterious tubes of a lava tunnel, all set up for when you arrive from your adventures. Contact us to plan this special experience.


Catch your Dinner

Personalise your Safari with our artisan fishing experience and we can prepare your day’s catch for dinner – whether you like your fish steamed in a leaf, battered, fried, baked or raw as sashimi or sushi. It’s up to you!

Artisanal fishing experience in the Galapagos Islands - catch your dinner!
Celebrate a special occasion in the Galapagos


Celebrate with Us

Let us know in advance the special occasion you’d like to celebrate while staying with us — whether a seven- or seventy-year-old birthday, an anniversary, honeymoon — or you just want to surprise your loved ones. We love a good challenge and creating cherished moments.