Small Group Safaris

Small group tours in the Galapagos Islands


Small Group Tours and Founders Safaris

While almost all our Safaris are bespoke, and tailored to accommodate our guests’ interests and dates, we do organize the occasional small group tour with fixed departure dates and itineraries.

These Small Group Safaris offer great value and are a wonderful way to discover the islands and meet other wildlife enthusiasts, while still having the space and freedom of the Camp to indulge in some ‘me time’ at the end of each day, if and when required.


Upcoming Galapagos Small Group Tours

To view upcoming Galapagos Small Group Tours, including our Founders-led Safaris, please refer to the tabs below.

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Our Founders' Safaris are hosted by Stephanie and Michael Mesdag
Fall in love with the forested highlands of Santa Cruz, home to giant tortoises, numerous birds, and Galapagos Safari Camp
Explore ancient, underground lava tunnels.
Take boat trips to uninhabited islands to experience bewitching landscapes and encounters with dozens of species.
Discover the islands with Michael and Stephanie

Founders’ Safari

Led by the Camp’s co-founders, Stephanie and Michael Mesdag, along with one of our expert naturalist guides, our exclusive Founders’ Safari is designed for a group of up to 16 guests.

Combining elements of our signature Classic and Family Safaris, this wildlife adventure includes one excursion to an uninhabited island, one fishing and snorkeling experience and various tours on Santa Cruz Island. Additionally, it provides the added opportunity to learn firsthand about the founders’ story, their motivation for creating the Camp and how their deep love and appreciation for the islands continue to inspire their ongoing efforts.

The Founders Safari is held annually, with upcoming tours scheduled for November 2024 and November 2025.

Founders Safari 2024
Departure 1: 1-5 November
Departure 2: 5-9 November

Founders Safari 2025
Departure 1: 1-5 November
Departure 2: 5-9 November

Read Stephanie and Michael’s story.




Type of activity


Welcome to the Galapagos! After leaving the VIP airport lounge you will meet your bilingual naturalist guide who will be with you for the duration of your stay with us (according to the level of privacy chosen).

To maximize your first day in the Galapagos Islands, you will be taken to a number of visiting sites on the way to Galapagos Safari Camp.

The first stop is Los Gemelos (The Twin Craters); two colossal, volcanic sinkholes. On a gentle hike around the rim, your guide will point out the birds of the endemic Scalesia forest such as Galapagos doves and Darwin’s finches.

From Los Gemelos you continue to a reserve for giant tortoises. Your tour of the reserve will follow a gentle circuit trail where you get within meters of these iconic Galapagos creatures. Keep a look out too for short-eared owls, as they are occasionally spotted in the trees. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant.

The tortoise reserve also contains a network of underground lava tubes, formed centuries ago when lava flows cooled at the edges but kept flowing in the middle, leaving cave-like tunnels in their wake. To fully appreciate the uniqueness of the Galapagos Islands, and its wildlife, it’s important to first understand the archipelago’s geology and volcanic history.

End the day at Galapagos Safari Camp, enjoying uninterrupted views of the National Park and the shimmering blues of the Pacific Ocean, without another human in sight.



Sat just north of Baltra (the airport) Island, North Seymour is one of the closest uninhabited islands to Santa Cruz and easy to reach by boat. What makes this small island so special is its populations of birds. Your tour follows a flat trail around the western side of the island, cutting through a forest of Dwarf Palo Santo trees and past nesting colonies of boobies and frigates.

Both birds are known for their curious courtship rituals; with the blue-footed boobies performing a little ‘dance’ and the male frigatebirds inflating their scarlet gular pouches. (Breeding is opportunistic and can take place at any time of year, usually when there is an abundant food supply). Land iguanas also frequent the area and sea lions are often seen snoozing under rocks on the final stretch of the trail.

Snorkelling is offered in the waters surrounding North Seymour. (Note: if the sea is too rough, the snorkelling will take place at Bachas beach instead).

Lunch is served on board the boat during the navigation to Bachas beach, on the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island. This pristine stretch of white sand is only accessible by sea and is a nesting ground for Galapagos green turtles during the breeding season (Mating usually takes place in November and December. The females come ashore to lay their eggs at night from December to June, and the eggs incubate for about 60 days. To avoid being eaten, the hatchlings usually make their dash to the water at night).

Your visit begins with a guided tour along the beach to a brackish lagoon where flamingoes are sometimes spotted. Look out for the partially hidden remnants of a WWII barge ship, left behind by the American army.

After your tour, you can explore the shallow, warm waters of Bachas bay, before the return boat ride to Itabaca Channel.

Evening at Galapagos Safari Camp



Your Safari will begin at Cerro Mesa, a private reserve on the eastern side of Santa Cruz Island that is rich in endemic flora and bird life, including the elusive vermillion flycatcher and seven unique subspecies of finch. Explore the various trails with your guide, ending the circuit at a viewpoint where, on a clear day, you can survey the lush landscape of Santa Cruz as well as nearby islands.

Afterwards, you will make your way to Garrapatero Beach, either by car or by bicycle. In contrast to the thick, green vegetation of the highlands, the coastal terrain is made up of black lava, white sands, turquoise waters and dense mangroves.

The picturesque, white-sanded beach of Garrapatero is an ideal spot for a picnic and secluded swimming, set far away from the cruise ship crowds and visiting sites. Kayaking can also be arranged here and is a fun way to explore the coastline and its wildlife.

Set behind the beach is a small lagoon where flamingoes are occasionally spotted.

On your way back to the Camp you will visit a working farm in the highlands that produces sugar cane liqueur and Galapagos coffee. Learn about the different methods used to refine sugar cane, including the use of a mule-driven press (note: the mule may be off-duty during your visit). There is also a demonstration of how artisan coffee is produced, from picking the berries to roasting the bean.


Santa Cruz Experiential Fishing

Spend the day with a local fisherman exploring the waters around Santa Cruz. This experience has become a firm favorite with our guests, as it combines wildlife experiences with cultural exchange, swimming, snorkeling and a visit to a secluded beach. It is also part of an initiative with the Galapagos National Park, to provide fishermen with an alternative means of livelihood while reducing the impact of overfishing.

Once aboard the fisherman’s simple, yet fully equipped motorboat, the captain will navigate to a spot where the best fishing can be enjoyed. After a hands-on lesson, you can try your luck at catching lunch. The most common species caught on this Safari are Yellowfin Tuna and Palometa. If you are successful, the crew can prepare sashimi on the boat for you to enjoy for lunch.

Note: The National Park no longer allows visitors to take their catch off the boat for later consumption.

In between fishing you will have the opportunity to snorkel and explore a secluded beach on Santa Cruz’s coastline that can only be accessed by sea.

This is a chance to experience the wild beauty of the Galapagos, exploring spots that are only accessible to local fisherman, and not to all visitors. Relax on the beach, or snorkel in the clear waters with rays, colorful schools of fish, and sea lions. And if you’re lucky, dolphins might even follow you in the boat’s wake.

Lunch is served on board the boat as food is not permitted on the beach / in the National Park.

Our Responsible Fishing program can be enjoyed by guests young and old, no matter if they’re seasoned fishermen or complete novices.



Enjoy the serene nature and peace of the Camp this morning. Relax, walk, swim or enjoy the sunrise from our viewpoint before departure to the airport and your next destination.

DAY 5+


This Safari can be extended with our 2 day/3 night Isabela Island Safari Extension, a Scuba-Diving Extension or any of our Mainland Safari Extensions. Please be aware that while our Extension Safaris are still led by expert guides, they are not hosted by the Founders.



Small Group Tours

Aside from our Founders’ Safaris, we do not have any Small Group Safaris scheduled at present. If you would like to be notified about future tours, please contact one of our Safari Designers who can keep you updated on upcoming opportunities.



Founders’ Safaris 2024: USD 4870 pp

Founders’ Safaris 2025: USD 5270 pp



  • Accommodation
  • English-speaking naturalist guide
  • All meals and welcome drink
  • Airport VIP services
  • Shared transfers & ground transportation
  • Shared boat excursions with snorkeling
  • Wetsuits and snorkeling equipment
  • Activities and visits detailed in the itinerary


Not Included:

  • Flights (all flights from mainland Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands can be arranged upon request)
  • Galapagos National Park entrance fee (as detailed in documentation)
  • Visitor transit card (as detailed in documentation)
  • Beverages
  • Laundry service
  • Insurance (please check your travel insurance is valid in your country of origin prior to your journey)
  • Gratuities


You can find the pricing for all our Safari packages on our Rates page:


Galapagos Safari Camp Founders Safari
Galapagos Safari Camp Founders Safari
Galapagos Safari Camp Founders Safari
Galapagos Safari Camp Founders Safari

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Our Experts Say

Stephanie Bonham-Carter
Stephanie Bonham-Carter
“Santa Cruz is among the most diverse islands in the Galapagos. We love combining explorations of the forested highlands with time at the beaches.”
Michael Mesdag
Michael Mesdag
“I’m particularly fond of the fishing trips we’ve created with local fishermen. They’re an authentic way to explore the Galapagos and are always a lot of fun.”

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