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COVID Travel Information

Note: this page is updated every time the government of Ecuador notifies us of changes to their policies.

Update from the Government of Ecuador:

17 February, 2023

Ecuador withdraws entry guidelines for overseas visitors

After reviewing the report provided by the Technical Committee directed by the Ministry of Health, the National Authority for Emergencies decided to remove the criteria for entering continental and insular Ecuador beginning Thursday, October 20th, 2022 at 00h01. With this decision, the certificate or vaccination card, as well as the PCR or antigen test, are no longer mandatory for international tourists arriving at our destination through air or land borders.

If there is an increase in Covid 19 cases in any country, recommendations for travelers from that nation might be implemented in a targeted manner.

These measures are the results of the Ecuadorian National Government’s efforts to encourage a sustainable recovery of multiple economic activities as well as a boost to the Ecuadorian touristic sector so that more visitors may come our nation.


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