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Finding a Purpose: A How-to for Solo Travelers

Solo Travel in the Galapagos   Travel to Transform Travel has changed. Gone are the days of hopping on a plane, seeing the sights, posing for a photo or two in front of a monument and topping up our tans. Tourism, in the literal sense of the word, is no more. Today, discerning holiday-makers recognize […]

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Galapagos Tortoises, a Galapagos Travel Icon

Galapagos travel has been linked to the giant tortoises that have roamed the islands since time immemorial. Apart from the brief visit by Spanish conquistador Tomás de Berlanga —it was he who hinted at calling the islands “Galápagos” in honor of the reptilian inhabitants —pirates and navigators, for centuries, made crucial, strategic stops here to […]

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Galapagos Diving Tours: All the Best Dive Sites

A Galapagos diving tour is a sensory overload. Just when you think you’ve seen the most incredible sight of your life, an ocean sunfish glides coolly by, shoving it off the top spot with heedless nonchalance. Because although the islands of the Galapagos are home to myriad exotic creatures, shriveled-winged birds and blackened beasts living […]

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North Seymour, a Galapagos bird safari

Galápagos Islands are born with nothing. Constant, relentless volcanic activity caused these islands in the wilds of the Pacific Ocean to rise up from the depths of the sea. For the first few months, at least, there is nothing on them but the dead remains of their underwater existence. The first creatures that venture here are birds, alighting maybe just to catch their breath after hours, maybe days, maybe even months, of living at sea.

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What to pack on a Galapagos Safari Holiday

It might be tempting to pack everything but the kitchen sink when preparing for the exotic delights of your safari holiday. But with luggage restrictions of 20kg per person (and sometimes less for inter-island flights), it’s worth knowing what you really need (and what you really don’t), in order to make the shrewdest choices. Here’s […]

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Flightless Cormorant, evolution on display on your next Galapagos Safari

People with some knowledge of birds know that cormorants are rather common. These aquatic birds are great flyers and good divers, found pretty much everywhere on Earth… There are dozens of species, found in and near fresh-water as well as open ocean and the shore. They are actually famous for their legendary fishing skills. Ancient […]

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Lonesome George: A Galapagos Islands Vacation Legend

  The Galapagos Giant Tortoise   One of the most surreal experiences on arrival to your Galapagos Islands vacation is spotting shiny, rock-like mounds almost camouflaged against the lush green as you speed along the highway. These are not stones, but the shells of giant tortoises roaming in the landscapes they have called home for […]

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Top things to do in Quito in 2018

With all the anticipation of the wonders of the Galapagos Islands, it might be tempting to skip Quito on your Ecuador vacation and head straight out on your safari adventure. But as 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the capital’s inscription as UNESCO World Heritage city and new things to do and restaurants are springing […]

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Five reasons to go glamping in Galapagos

If you’ve ever tried to peg down a flapping tent in high winds, eaten beans out of a tin, or tossed and turned in a sleeping bag, you will know that although camping has its charms, there’s certainly nothing glamourous about it. Or is there? In the Galapagos Islands, as now in many of the […]

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Isabela, a Galapagos tour destination to savor

Isabela is the largest of the Galapagos Islands, home to spectacular animals on land, including the recently discovered pink iguana of Wolf volcano. This has been one of science’s most exciting discoveries in recent years, a spectacular find, indeed, that, unfortunately, is not part of the Galapagos tourism circuit since the diminutive area in which […]

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The kiss of the Galapagos Albatross, a Galapagos Tour Hidden Gem

If there ever was an animal whose tenderness and affection towards its significant other were to be considered romantic, it would have to be the Galapagos Albatross. They are not only birds that mate for life with their partner but, as part of their love dance, they kiss each other passionately (in bird terms, of […]

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Asking the right questions: how to choose the Galapagos experience for you

What are the choices when planning a Galapagos vacation? There are three options available for a Galapagos experience: by land, by sea, or a combination of both. If you opt for land, you’ll find hotels on the inhabited islands of Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela and Floreana, ranging from basic B&B’s to five-star luxury. Visitors […]

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Ecuador for Foodies: One-of-a-kind experiences

The world’s most expensive chocolate, exquisite Polish vodka, world-class craft beer… perhaps not products that you would expect to find in Ecuador, yet the Andean nation is making a name for itself with these very things. And each one comes with larger-than-life personalities to match; extraordinary people, both local and foreign, who have dedicated their […]

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South Plaza, a Galapagos gem

After you’ve finished your safari holiday tour of South Plaza –essentially, a large rock in the middle of the ocean— the awe suddenly overcomes you. How could such a simple ecosystem —yes, a single 32-acre plot of land in the middle of open water— be so full of life. So colourful. So animated. So interesting […]

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The Galapagos Sea Lion, man’s best Galapagos friend

The Galapagos sea lions are certainly among the friendliest, quirkiest personalities in the animal world. We exaggerate not. It just takes meeting one to confirm it, and such an opportunity is only possible, of course, during a Galapagos vacation. Here, there, everywhere There is no place in the entire archipelago where Galapagos sea lions are […]

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Quito Restaurants to Savor

Get to know culinary Quito before or after your time at the Camp on an urban safari of exotic flavors, unusual ingredients and atmospheric eateries; a foodie tour of the city’s best eats that leaves the guidebooks in the dust. The Ecuadorian capital has a colorful history, a fascinating melting pot of cultures, and off-the-beaten-path […]

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Above the Giants: A Helicopter Ride in Quito

A helicopter ride in Quito is not a journey from A to B. It is a chance to look Ecuador’s monster volcanoes in the eye, to soar above the giants that dwarf us when we’re in the city below. It is a moment to share the skies and a perspective with condors and swoop over […]

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The most romantic Ecuador hotels

Valentine’s might be the day dedicated to lovers, but these Ecuador hotels have a timeless romance that goes far beyond heart-shaped chocolate boxes. From haciendas with centuries of history and lodges buried deep within the cloud forest to beachfront hideaways, these are hotels to get passionate about. Hacienda Zuleta Snuggle up by the fireplace in […]

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12 weird and wonderful facts about Charles Darwin

Galapagos tours, failed career paths, and the theory that changed everything: 12 weird and wonderful facts about Charles Darwin He wasn’t the first person to set foot on the islands, but Charles Darwin brought them to the world stage as a result of his Galapagos tours and the ground-breaking discoveries they would inspire in him. […]

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The Marine Iguana, a Galapagos monster on your Galapagos tour

  Imps of Darkness Charles Darwin’s “imps of darkness” were creatures that brought great fear to approaching Spanish ships traveling to Galapagos Islands for the first time. Imagine what it was like to reach lava rocks teeming with dark monsters such as these, hundreds of them, guarding the beach with their horrid faces. Of course, […]

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The Galapagos Penguin, a Galapagos holiday highlight

The Galapagos Penguin – Sphenicus mendiculus There are only about 2000 individuals in the world today and they are all here, in the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Penguin is the only penguin found past the equatorial line, in the northern hemisphere. It is actually the only penguin that spends all of its life in the Tropics. […]

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Seven life-changing lessons for kids during their Galapagos experience

As a parent, there is nothing more beautiful than watching your children see something for the first time in the Galapagos Islands. The fearless, wonderstruck look on their faces when they spot a fluffy fledgling cormorant or snorkel with a penguin is something to treasure. There’s much that kids can learn from their Galapagos experience, […]

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Floreana’s Puerto Velasco Ibarra, a Galapagos tour hidden gem

Floreana is one of the four islands inhabited by human beings in the Galapagos archipelago. The population is only 150. Huddled along the dock, the miniscule Puerto Velasco Ibarra is still one of the smallest and most isolated towns in the world. There’s a lot to say about the island’s haunting tales: legends of murder, […]

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Galapagos travel month-by-month

There’s no simple answer to the question of when to travel to the Galapagos Islands. Of course, whatever time of year you choose to come you’re bound to encounter stunning wildlife: stepping over sea lions and iguanas each time you disembark from a boat, whizzing past meandering giant tortoises on the drive up to Galapagos […]

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Galapagos Tourism for An Exciting Getaway to These Islands

Galapagos tourism has progressed to the point where the multi-faceted medley of conservation efforts are at odds with the many options for exploring the archipelago.

Read Galapagos Tourism Blog To Stay Updated

This blog is to keep you informed about our efforts towards positive Galapagos tourism, and the ground-breaking projects that others are involved in. We cover the issues that hit close to home, and invite you to discover the latest developments at the camp, in the national park, and beyond each month through our articles.

The scope of Galapagos tourism is such that it has permeated every aspect of the islands. While there are safeguards in place that include limiting the number of people who can visit each site, there is a need for more responsible travel practices in the islands.

Using the classic African safari as our model, we strive to combine conservation with discovery. We grow plants that replenish the land while conscientiously conserving water out of a commitment to preserve the fragile eco-system of the Galapagos.

Plan Galapagos Tourism with Us for Peace of Mind

Our priority is to show our guests the wild beauty and breathtaking grandeur of the Galapagos from an informed perspective. Using this philosophy, we aim to make Galapagos tourism a positive force; giving back to the islands instead of intruding on the environment.

In addition to our work at the camp, we are involved with efforts elsewhere in the archipelago that have similar goals that protect the environment through Galapagos tourism. We partner with organizations that are making a difference through innovative practices that foster community involvement towards a positive impact.

It’s important to know your options and the pros and cons that Galapagos tourism has on the islands when planning a trip. If you have a question about how your travel plans can help protect the environment or would like to know more about the people, places, and projects that we cover in our blog, please contact us through this site for more information.

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