Luxury in Galapagos – the Safari Camp approach

Luxury is often boxed and packaged and sold as prodigious comfort delivered in expensive and lavish ways, with over the top service and flamboyant sometimes gratuitous gestures. But is that really appropriate in the Galapagos? Is luxury in the Galapagos an oxymoron? Does it have substance, and more importantly a place where you can experience it?

The answer, we believe, is yes there is. For over 15 years we’ve worked on our vision of ‘appropriate luxury’, meaning that while we won’t scrimp on the comfort of our guests, we do so with respect for the natural environment of the fragile ecosystem that surrounds us here in the Galapagos Islands.

We believe we can find the right balance between the expectations of our guests and our responsibility to the natural world. Attentive service, personalized attention, little details… these all play a part in what constitutes luxury. Fine dining, too, of course. Engaging all the senses, surprising our guests… all these are part of the mix. But above all, we believe that it’s not things that make up the memories that we cherish, but experiences. True luxury is time to share experiences.

The Safari Camp Experience

From the moment you spot the rocky Daphne, the first island you’ll glimpse from your airplane window as you approach the airport of Baltra, you’ll start feeling the rush of heading into a truly unparalleled voyage. As soon as you land at this sustainable airport, our Camp employees welcome you and direct you to the VIP area where you there’s time to rest and enjoy a snack as everything else is taken care of for you.

Then, we travel over to Santa Cruz Island where the Safari Camp nestles amidst beautiful and lush highland vegetation, a little world within itself. You’ll be received with a glass of fresh water infused with cucumber, moist towels and a warm smile, ready to “take you out of your comfort zone without taking away the comfort”, as Katrien, our hotel manager is fond of saying. Through the handsome doors and out on to the deck where stunning views of wooly green hills and the cerulean ocean in the distance elicit a contented sigh of “we’ve arrived.”

A luxury Galapagos safari-style camp

Your bags will have magically appeared in one of the stylish tents – your home for the next days. Blending with the scalesia and palo santo trees, the tents are set on raised platforms with a spacious viewing terrace. Inside, you will find comfortable beds with cotton linens, ceiling fans, charging points and roomy en-suite bathrooms. The tents include specially designed vents so that the breeze can waft through them, thus precluding air-conditioning.

With only nine tents and a family suite, attention can be extremely personalized, with details like handwritten messages on your pillow every night, a welcome pack with special treats to indulge your five senses with, and signature accessories.

The Adventure Begins

Start your day with a delicious gourmet breakfast and a mindful trivia of interesting Galapagos facts. Your tailor-made adventures can now begin in earnest. The day could include snorkeling with sealions (or even sharks), strolling North Seymour Island to watch comic blue-footed boobies, kayaking from virgin beaches, meeting giant tortoises face-to-face, or even just staying in the camp and taking a tour of its grounds and farm.

When relaxing by the endless pool or watching the colorful sunset at the observation deck with astonishing views, sumptuous snacks and cold drinks will appear as if by magic before you even request them. And did we mention our hammocks…?

The main house is an eclectic mix of fixtures and furniture brought from Bali, locally-carved wooden furniture with wonderful upholstery and an antique, brilliant turquoise entrance door. The deck offers a peaceful vantage point from which to admire the panorama and let the natural world wash over you, drink in hand. Luxury can be found in the simplest things.

To the right of the main deck, our restaurant serves lunches and dinners to awaken your senses and take you on a journey. Our two chefs, Daysi and Daniela, employ locally-sourced products with a farm-to-table philosophy. We’ve developed and enriched our dishes and recipes with care over time, to balance health, variety and flavor, while taking guests on a culinary odyssey across the Galapagos and mainland Ecuador.

After dinner, the vast skies beyond the deck beckon. And maybe a night-cap while swinging in your hammock to the lulling sounds of the night.

If you felt that your footprint here was too big, that the water for your shower was taking away from the giant tortoises’ pools, that the meals you were enjoying had nothing to do with the place you were visiting, or if the staff who greeted you were unhappy and badly-treated, surely you wouldn’t sleep soundly. Tucked up in your tent, a million miles from home… we can assure you you’ll sleep the sleep of the just.

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