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Visiting Santiago Island in the Galapagos Islands

Reasons to visit Santiago Island Located to the northwest of Santa Cruz, many cruise ships include visiting Santiago Island on their itineraries. It’s not as common an island to visit on day trips from Santa Cruz. But no matter how you visit, you should definitely try to include it on your list of islands to […]

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Boobies in the Galapagos

Where in the world are all the boobies…? Well, half of them are in the Galápagos Islands. Out of the six booby species in the world, three nest here in the archipelago. Where do boobies get their name? The bizarre name may come from the Spanish, from the word “bobo” which means dumb. They say […]

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Ecuador’s Spectacular Chocó Region

Ecuador’s Spectacular Chocó Region Recognized as Newest UNESCO Biosphere Reserve The Chocó cloud forest has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Find out where it is, how you can visit and why it is now the seventh place in Ecuador to be recognized by the international organization for its community conservation efforts and global biological […]

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Frigatebirds on your Galapagos tour

What differentiates the seas of the temperate northern hemisphere from those of the tropics? One of the first differences that comes to my mind are the presence of frigatebirds on your Galapagos tour. Like Pterodactyls soaring ominously-yet-gallantly in characteristic silhouette, high, high in the sky; their profiles, which can be experienced mainly over pantropical oceans, […]

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Galapagos Plastic Ban: Another Step Towards Sustainability

Galapagos Joins the International Effort to Reduce Plastic Waste Earlier this year, Ecuadorian officials banned single-use plastic on the Galapagos Islands making the wildlife hotspot one of the most conservation-forward places on the planet. The archipelago joins Kenya, Zimbabwe and just over a dozen more countries and cities to prohibit plastic straws, single-use plastic bags, […]

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