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Land Iguanas, prehistoric finds on your Galapagos tour

  Darwin and Iguanas Darwin was no fan of lizards. On his visit to the Galapagos, he famously called marine iguanas “imps of darkness” and wasn’t particularly flattering about land iguanas, which he described as “ugly animals, of a yellowish orange beneath, and of a brownish-red color above: from their low facial angle they have […]

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Recommended Books for Adults for a Galapagos Vacation

    Prepare for your Galapagos trip with some of the many fantastic guide books written by passionate experts: volumes that help you to identify the wildlife, understand how the islands were formed, and how best to navigate them. But beyond the history and science, these strange volcanic landscapes have proved fertile ground for remarkable […]

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Four Must-see Destinations in Ecuador

The Galapagos might be the most enticing of Ecuador’s jewels, but the mainland is worth more than just a stopover. Discover toucans and pumas, volcanoes and rainforests, indigenous communities and colonial architecture with these unmissable destinations.   The Cloud Forest in Ecuador     Home to almost 20% of the world’s plant species and nearly […]

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Santa Fe will be a highlight of your Galapagos safari

  Sea Lions on Santa Fe Stepping over sea lions isn’t exactly your everyday outing. In Santa Fe, the landing will most likely begin on a beach so full of sea lions you’ll feel like you’re intruding… until you suddenly notice that they don’t care… So why would you…? After a while spent filling your […]

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