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Genovesa, taking your Galapagos tour to the limit

  Genovesa Island and The Red-Footed Booby We arrive at Prince Philip’s Steps, in one of Galapagos’ northernmost islands. The name honors the Prince’s two visits to here in 1965 and 1981. We begin our (steep) climb up a set of natural rock formations that serve as a spectacular staircase, taking us to the top […]

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Darwin’s finches on your Galapagos vacation

  The Friendly Finch They are small and cute, for sure, but they usually don’t leave us dumbfounded at first sight. Everyone will get to see at least one, if not several Darwin’s finches during a Galapagos vacation, as many of these little birds approach visitors to dine or lunch by their side or at […]

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How to Prepare Kids for a Galapagos Vacation

  The more preparation you and your children put into your Galapagos safari, the more you will all get out of it. Discover the best ways to get your family ready for their vacation of a lifetime.   Introduce your kids to the Galapagos flagship species The drama of the landscapes and the wildlife of […]

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Andean Escapism at Hacienda Zuleta

  Huddled up by a crackling fire in the grand mansion, tired and content having spent the day roaming across volcano-spiked sierras on horseback, one cannot help but feel like Andean nobility. Hacienda Zuleta, a 15-room, boutique hotel in Ecuador’s northern highlands, takes the concept and runs with it. It is a sanctuary of luxurious […]

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