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Above the Giants: A Helicopter Ride in Quito

A helicopter ride in Quito is not a journey from A to B. It is a chance to look Ecuador’s monster volcanoes in the eye, to soar above the giants that dwarf us when we’re in the city below. It is a moment to share the skies and a perspective with condors and swoop over […]

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The most romantic Ecuador hotels

Valentine’s might be the day dedicated to lovers, but these Ecuador hotels have a timeless romance that goes far beyond heart-shaped chocolate boxes. From haciendas with centuries of history and lodges buried deep within the cloud forest to beachfront hideaways, these are hotels to get passionate about. Hacienda Zuleta Snuggle up by the fireplace in […]

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12 weird and wonderful facts about Charles Darwin

Galapagos tours, failed career paths, and the theory that changed everything: 12 weird and wonderful facts about Charles Darwin He wasn’t the first person to set foot on the islands, but Charles Darwin brought them to the world stage as a result of his Galapagos tours and the ground-breaking discoveries they would inspire in him. […]

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The Marine Iguana, a Galapagos monster on your Galapagos tour

  Imps of Darkness Charles Darwin’s “imps of darkness” were creatures that brought great fear to approaching Spanish ships traveling to Galapagos Islands for the first time. Imagine what it was like to reach lava rocks teeming with dark monsters such as these, hundreds of them, guarding the beach with their horrid faces. Of course, […]

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