Solo travel in the Galapagos is an experience that reveals the nuances of the islands; taking the worry out of traveling alone and replacing it with a trip full of surprises, merriment, and memories that last a lifetime.

A safari holiday on your own at the camp is a rewarding journey, giving you the freedom to set your own course. It is an adventure that goes far beyond the beaten path and into the astonishing diversity and wildlife of the archipelago. For those who want to explore the islands privately with their own guide, the safari camp is the place to sojourn between trips while discovering the archipelago.


Safety and Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

The Galapagos Islands are an ideal place to let loose and explore while traveling independently. Safety concerns are typically limited to small incidents; usually having to do with being careful getting in and out of boats, watching your step while hiking, not getting too close to the wildlife, and making sure you have enough sunscreen.

Given these conditions, finding common ground outside of the routine is a matter of course. The natural wonders and wildlife is an immersion into the amazing diversity and stunning scenery that bring people from all walks of life to the islands each day.


Guided Tours

During the time on your Galapagos holiday at the camp, there are day trips that take you to uninhabited islands and visitor sites on Santa Cruz. Each land excursion is led by a hand-picked guide who expertly shows you the hidden treasures of the archipelago. When making journeys by boat, you join a group of others; giving you the chance to explore, hike, and snorkel with other kindred spirits for the day.


Nearby Activities

One of the options available when you are at the camp is a trip to the Arid South of Santa Cruz. Exploring the coastal area of the island gives you the opportunity to surf the waves off Playa Brava or kayak through the mangroves of Playa Mansa, both located along the pristine sands of Tortuga Bay. The camp works with a local surf school, and can arrange kayaks for fun days under the Galapagos sun.

Puerto Ayora, the main hub for the islands, is the spot for a bite to eat, a stroll along the waterfront, or for a relaxing massage. The town also is known for its nightlife; boasting a small, lively collection of bars and venues with a tropical vibe where you can unwind after an active day.


Private Time

After exploring on trips across the water or spending time surfing and kayaking on Santa Cruz, the camp is a welcome place to relax and enjoy time on your own. Our infinity pool overlooks the lush hills of the highlands, our spacious tents provide a haven for enjoying a good book, and the friendly confines of the main lodge are a great place to warm up besides the fire after dinner.


Digital Matters

The Galapagos Islands are one of the few places where you can find solace away from the pressures of the modern world, technology doesn’t play a major role in everyday life. Before the trip, download books to your Kindle, make plans to check in online with friends and family at set times, and take extra memory cards with you instead of depending on the cloud to store your photos.


Making the Most Out of Your Trip

Taking the plunge and jumping in by booking a Galapagos safari holiday on your own is a step towards a trip that brings you back to nature.

At the camp, we can help guide you to the far reaches of uninhabited islands, arrange activities that put you in the center of the action, and give you the best vantage points to enjoy the islands.

For more information about our safari trips, contact us through this site or through our toll-free number.