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Travel to Transform

Travel has changed. Gone are the days of hopping on a plane, seeing the sights, posing for a photo or two in front of a monument and topping up our tans. Tourism, in the literal sense of the word, is no more.

Today, discerning holiday-makers recognize that a journey to a foreign land is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to transform, with emotions and memories that stay with us well after we have returned home.


Travel With Purpose

Travel with purpose - Galapagos Islands Travel with purpose


But for that, we need a purpose. That could be discovering more about ourselves or the world around us, to overcome a fear and get out of our comfort zones, or to nurture an interest or a skill, whether it’s literature, art, photography or fitness.


Travel Solo

A solo trip to the Galapagos Islands A solo trip to the Galapagos Islands


A solo trip to the Galapagos Islands is the ideal chance to pursue such a purpose. The inspiring landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and lifestyle in tune with the fragile environment are fertile ground on which to lay the seeds of reflection, growth and change. It’s a moment to take for ourselves alone, to be greedy in our quest for cathartic experiences.


The Galapagos Safari Camp Purpose

The Galapagos Safari Camp purpose - Galapagos Islands - Solo Travel The Galapagos Safari Camp purpose


At the very core of Galapagos Safari Camp is the idea of a life with a purpose. At its inception, this was to live beyond predictability, to be in touch with nature and to find a balance between the needs of our own existence and our sensitive environment.

Now, our purpose has shifted. We want to share what we have created with people who are willing to question, and choose our tented camp as the base of their Galapagos experience. Of all places in the world, surely Galapagos – the inspiration of the Theory of Evolution – will inspire us to seek new ways to travel and experience the natural world.


How to find your life’s purpose

Reflect on what it is we truly want - How to find your life's purpose - Galapagos Islands


But how do we find our own purpose? For this we need to reflect on what it is we truly want, and what we’re willing to do to obtain it.


Hiring a Life Coach

Your journey can lead to reflection and personal growth with the help of a transformation enabler, or coach, to accompany your trip, who leads the way in experiential, hands-on learning, open dialogue and reconsideration of values.

Galapagos Safari Camp has joined forces with the purposeful travel experts KENU, whose team leaders are trained and experienced not only in Galapagos natural history, wildlife and culture, but in relationship dynamics and sparking creativity, inspiration and teamwork.

These coaches can focus on any individual issue or purpose you have, guiding you on a personal journey as they lead you through the sometimes overwhelming natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands.


Identifying Areas of Development

What is that that you truly want to get out of our vacation? The Galapagos Islands present myriad opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and beat your fears in the most beautiful and inspiring ways possible. You could sleep in a tent on a wild and rugged hillside, take speed boats out in open water, snorkel with penguins, swim with sharks, hike up volcanoes, explore tunnels, come within feet of sea lions and marine iguanas, and fly in a small airplane over the gorgeously scenic archipelago…


Nurturing a Love

Learn about the conservation of precious species in the Galapagos Islands Learn about the conservation of precious species in the Galapagos Islands


But these life-changing experiences don’t have to be about overcoming something negative. The purpose could very well be to build on something that is already, or almost, flourishing. We could learn from the environmental experts of the Galapagos Islands about sustainable living and the conservation of precious species, like the Galapagos tortoise protection projects. We could dedicate time each day to a long-forgotten passion like reading, painting, or photographing the surreal landscapes and fearless wildlife. We could hike, mountain bike, swim, surf and practice yoga, caring for our bodies with fresh fruits and nourishing foods.

Or we could do all of these, embracing every opportunity the islands’ offer us, our purpose being to open our hearts to beauty, love and endless possibility.


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