If you’ve ever tried to peg down a flapping tent in high winds, eaten beans out of a tin, or tossed and turned in a sleeping bag, you will know that although camping has its charms, there’s certainly nothing glamorous about it.

Or is there?

Glamping in the Galapagos

In the Galapagos Islands, as now in many of the most beautiful natural sanctuaries around the world, there exists a luxurious, sophisticated upgrade to a stay in the great outdoors: glamping. Formed of a combination of the words ‘glamorous’ + ‘camping’, glamping is to camping what champagne is to prosecco.

It’s getting back to basics in the least basic fashion, staying in stunning, wild landscapes with five-star service, divine food, and spectacular facilities.

Accommodation often takes the form of luxury yurts, cabins, teepees, treehouses and gypsy caravans, or, in the case of Galapagos Safari Camp, spacious safari tents.

Glamping in the Galapagos is the mindful option, the good choice in which your body, mind, and the planet all benefit as you stay amid nature in the most authentic, respectful, and romantic way possible.


5 Good Reasons To ‘Glamp’ in the Galapagos


1. A lighter footprint

In one of the most sacred wildlife hotspots in the world, it seems incongruous that some of the Galapagos settlements are scattered with brilliant white, cement high-rises.

Glamping experiences show a far greater respect for nature, the tents blending into the spectacular landscapes and causing little damage to the environment in their construction.

“From our perspective, to set up a hotel with air-conditioned, square rooms in the Galapagos was just wrong,” explains Galapagos Safari Camp founder, Stephanie Bonham-Carter. “We thought that the idea of the tented camp was the only thing that would do the pristine environment justice, and that would justify imposing ourselves. It was the least invasive formula.”

With this in mind, Galapagos Safari Camp was created with the concept of “Appropriate Luxury”, the idea of a level comfort that best reflects the delicate ecosystem of the Galapagos, ensuring that commodities like power, water, and building materials are used responsibly. They collect and treat rainwater, and use solar power when possible.


2. An authentic Galapagos experience

The first settlers of the Galapagos Islands came in the spirit of adventure; exploring, foraging and living immersed in the natural world. Glamping in Galapagos offers a similar experience, allowing guests to stay in harmony with the surroundings, listening to bird song, the calls of creatures, and the wind rustling through the undergrowth.

Here, you can step out of your room and into the wild, with no barriers between you and the natural sanctuary you traveled thousands of miles to find.


3. Connecting with nature

Glamping in Galapagos is an out of the ordinary experience that acts as a catalyst for families, couples and friends to connect with each other, and with their raw, natural surroundings.

Set in a 55-hectare estate on the edge of the Galapagos National Park, Galapagos Safari Camp is a Galapagos glamping option that nurtures your exposure to the outdoors – with added five-star comforts.

And of course, there are all the health benefits offered by spending time in nature: stress relief, lowered blood pressure, and purified lungs in the fresh air to name but a few.


4. Safari Romance

There’s the exceptional romance of the sleeping in the wilderness; intrepid like explorers of the past, evoking the stripped-back bush life of Africa. There are experiences like watching the sun rise, or set, from your tent. And there’s the riotous fun of spending quality time with your loved ones, adventurous together in the tented, safari life.


5. Supreme comfort

Glamping in Galapagos allows for all the romance and charm of camping, without sacrificing comfort. In fact, it’s one of the most luxurious options on the islands – though appropriately so, making sure that the experience is respectful to the surroundings.

Opening the doors to the tents of Galapagos Safari Camp is opening the wardrobe to Narnia: an unexpected world of glamour and sophistication awaits with huge, inviting beds with the softest linens, and boutique bathrooms.

Return from day trips to find treats and cocktails waiting for you, and gourmet, four-course dinners to round off the day. Unplug from technology while never losing contact with the outside world – unless, of course, you want to…



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