At the Galapagos Safari camp we are passionate about providing our guests with a genuine adventure in the archipelago that exceeds expectations. The vision behind the camp comes from a desire to show you the beauty of the islands without infringing on the natural surroundings that make them special.

Our tours explore the neighboring uninhabited islands, the property is designed for comfort and appropriate luxury, and our staff have a vested interest in making each person’s stay well worth the trip.

We value your opinion and ask each guest to give us feedback covering every aspect of the camp at the end of their stay with us. We take this input seriously, and are continually making changes using the ideas we receive. Keep reading to find out what our guests have had to say about their time with us during 2016.

The Property

Guests gave our property high marks, noting that the comfort and cleanliness of our tents was superb. Those who stayed in the family suite were also impressed, some saying that it was the best place they stayed in the islands. Our statistics show that 92% our guests found accommodation to be excellent and then remaining 8% good. Needless to say we are delighted with such feedback.

The infinity dip pool and lookout, while different to others in the area, were also well liked, with 83% marking the areas as excellent and 12% as good.

Our guests would like a bigger pool, but unfortunately given the fact that there is no source of fresh water we are limited to using rainwater to fill the pool to conserve the valuable resource in the Galapagos. The second point raised was the temperature which our guests found a little cold so we are now heated it using solar panels.

Our viewpoint, situated on the other side of the property; provides a peaceful vantage point to watch the sun rise or set over the rolling hills of the highlands. It’s a gathering point to catch one’s breath after a fun day of exploring.

Thus far it has been an observation point with no service unless requested. Based on our guests’ feedback we are working on a plan to make sure it operates with drinks services every night as weather allows.

Staff and Services

One of the highlights among our guests proved to be the service provided, scoring 95% excellent. Many made kind comments about our manager, Katrien, and her staff. Each said that this was a part of their stay that made a lasting impression; noting that every person was personable, went over and beyond, and helped to make arrangements and changes when needed, even at the last minute.

This commitment to our guests stems from a passion for showing people what makes the Galapagos Islands special and a desire to give people the best experience possible while on safari. Each request is given personal attention, with the hopes that expectations are met to the fullest and that concerns are alleviated immediately.

The Restaurant

Our restaurant and tapas-inspired four-course, meals were high on the list of our guest’s reviews. Some compared the food to that of a five-star restaurant, while others were grateful for the kitchen’s willingness to prepare dishes according to their dietary needs and the freshness of the ingredients.

In 2016, we reinvented our menu, bringing in an internationally acclaimed chef from Spain, Alfonso Burgos Bordillo, as a consultant to create down to earth plates using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. This change has made an impact, raising the bar for cuisine in the islands using the considerable talents of our kitchen. The levels of satisfaction in the kitchen went from 85% excellent to 94% excellent by the end of the year.

Tours and Guides

Our tours were also on our guests list as a highlight of their time with us; noting a favorite island they visited or one of the activities that made the trip special. Reviews for our guides said that they were friendly and knowledgeable, often mentioning them by name as making learning about the islands a fun, extraordinary experience.

Other aspects of our tours that received high ratings were the boats, the transport that we employ to ferry guests back and forth from the camp, and the effort and coordination that our team used during the journey.

Our guides are hand-picked, not only for their knowledge, but for their experience and passion for showing people the natural wonders of the Galapagos. They got an outstanding statistic of 90% excellent and 10% good. The same applies to the other facets of our tours; we use vetted drivers and boats that we can trust, making sure that guests receive the best treatment available during their adventures.

Booking Experience and Mainland Ecuador

Clients who booked directly with our team at the camp were more than satisfied with the attention and service that they received. Others who chose to take a trip on the mainland before or after the trip were equally impressed; giving their experience in the jungle, the Andes, and Northern Ecuador high marks (95% excellent).

Our small office and operations staff take their jobs personally, going out of their way to arrange custom trips for our guests that give them the best options available during their time at the camp and in Ecuador. Itineraries are expertly designed, using years of collective experience that encompasses an intimate knowledge of the islands and the mainland.


Overall, our guests were impressed with their time at their camp, stating that they would recommend it to others; and that the quality of the services, the camp itself, and the staff excelled at exceeding their expectations. Overall client satisfaction rated at 92% excellent!

As a team, we appreciate that our guests found their time at the Galapagos Safari Camp well spent. The islands reach beyond the creature comforts of the modern world, giving those who venture there a chance to experience the wilderness of nature from a viewpoint seldom found elsewhere.

The camp, the services we provide, and our tours are meant to give you the full spectrum of what the islands have become famous for; balancing a respect for nature with an experience that takes you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. For more information about our safaris, please contact us through this site or our toll free number.