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What a beautiful place to get engaged!

What a beautiful place to get engaged! Thank you so much to the staff for making our special day so memorable! Awesome bike ride to the beach, followed by sunset lockout proposal - amazing! We will be back! David and Cait, Toronto Canada

Review by David and Cait (09-Feb-2014)

We had such a memorable stay

We had such a memorable stay with our greater family (12 strong)! Such a thing to share our home with our family and enjoy the special effects and loving care with which it was built the tents, pool and biking experiences were each special and learning about islands so memorable. Many thanks for being here and being so gracious and helpful during our stay. - Lynn and Phil

Review by Lynn and Phil (02-Jan-2014)

Got to be our favorite stop!

Our family is traveling around the world on a boat called the big blue and safari camp has got to be our favorite stop! Alexandra, Justin and Nicholas have loved spending time exploring the grounds at safari camp, looking for the tortoises! The constant attention to detail has been my favourite! A wonderful view out the family suite master bedroom. Special is the only word to describe our trip to the Galapagos! - Delisa and Tony Mayer

Review by Delisa and Tony (13-Nov-2013)

I had a blast

Dear Safari Camp, Thank you so much I had a blast. I met people, saw the kitchen, swam and fished and played cards. Hope to come back. - Emily (child)

Review by Emily (13-Jul-2013)

I love being here

I love being here at the Safari Camp with my mommy and daddy. I love most of all seeing the birds in the swimming pool. Lonesome George is special. Child

Review by Child (11-Jul-2013)

Thank you for everything

Dear all at Galapagos Safari Camp, thank you for everything you have given us during our stay. You have such a lovely and unique place here. The whole family was able to really enjoy ourselves. At once you satisfied our dad’s constant itch for adventure, our mom’s desire for comfort and people to talk to and us children’s yearning for silliness and exploring. Gracias!

Review by Anonymus (03-Jan-2013)

Where do I begin?

Where do I begin? The setting is magical, the rooms are amazing, and the staff is extraordinary. Our son was sick while we were here and it felt like we were staying in the home of dear friends. I was so grateful that we weren’t staying in an impersonal hotel. Thank you for taking such great care of us! Best, Courtney Thorne-Smith

Review by Courtney (30-Dec-2012)

Once in a lifetime experience

We just want to say thank you for a truly once in a lifetime experience. The hospitality mixed with the amazing wildlife and scenery is something we will never forget. I hope this is a memory that my children will cherish for their entire lives because I know that I will. - Melissa Beck, Monroe Township, NJ

Review by Melissa (06-Jun-2012)

I grew more amazed at the Galapagos

I doubted the trip on the first day when I was so hot! But as the days went on, I grew more amazed at the Galapagos. I love all the fish and the birds and TURTLES! I never could have imagined the Galapagos was so amazing and the stay made it even better. I love the tents, they are so amazing. I wish I could stay for longer but i need to go back to school. I am sure my family feels the same way. Everyone here is amazing. I feel so at home. Everyday when I come back from my “adventures” around Galapagos I always find some popcorn and juice waiting for me :) YUM! I don’t think the Galapagos would have been quite as enjoyable if we had stayed at a normal hotel. You are so “in” nature here. If it wasn’t for the luxury of our tends I could be with my grandpa on a camping trip. I LOVE IT HERE! I want to come back again! I don’t think I will ever forget this trip. - Alex, Marco, Mike and Toni - VOLP

Review by Alex, Marco, Mike and Toni (11-Apr-2012)

I loved it here so much!

I loved it here so much! I don’t want to leave. When my mom told me that I was going to sleep in a tent, I was thinking a small little thing with a sleeping bag. I was so off. I went into the HUGE tent to see two beds, a shower, a sink, a toilet, an air conditioner and much more surprising things. It looked like a house in a tent form. That’s only one of the things that were great. After a nice hike, I can jump into a room temperature pool. It was so relaxing. We took in the nature around us and the view was magnificent. I thought this was better than a regular hotel. Also, there is wifi in the main lodge, so I got to skype with my friends back home. Katherine was a big help with everything and she cooked the food like we were family. Thank you to Steph and Michael, we had a magical vacation. I will miss it so much here and I’m enjoying these last moments at the awesome Safari Camp. Thank you guys so much! From, Debbie, Long Island USA

Review by Debbie (09-Apr-2012)

Wonderful abode for peace

Our family is grateful to you for building and maintaining such a wonderful abode for peace in the middle of the Galapagos Islands. Our trip of a lifetime was made a superlative experience because of our stay here. We were impressed by your attention to detail in every aspect of the camps operations. Thanks again for your dedication and perseverance in creating such a wonderful place for visitors from around the world. - The Mukherjce Family - Princeton, NJ (USA)

Review by The Mukherjce Family (03-Apr-2012)

A family vacation we will never forget

Thank you so much for a family vacation we will never forget. Your setting is simply MAJESTIC! I can’t thank you enough for helping me plan my parents 50th wedding anniversary, everything was perfect from the accommodations, food, daily excursions and genuine camaraderie. I hope to return one day with my grandchildren! - Jill & Rich Salditt Greenlawn, NY

Review by Jill & Rich (25-Feb-2012)

We were in paradise for five days

We were in paradise for five days and it has been an amazing experience; thanks to you and your amazing staff!!! This camp is a result of a great vision, love for nature and hard work … We have had very special memories that we will never forget! In the future, we hope to bring our kids here so that they will appreciate the true beauty of our planet. Selin Efde from Turkey

Review by Selin Efde (15-Feb-2012)

A wonderful vacation

Dear Staff, Thank you all so very much for a wonderful vacations. Your ceremony for our wedding was so beautiful and touching. It was a perfect start for our combined family. Our very best wishes for all future success and this special camp in this magical place in the world.

Review by Anonymus (08-Jan-2012)

What a wonderful stay for our family!

Happy New Year! What a wonderful stay for our family! Shane (7 years old) and Sierra (almost 10 years old) felt at home and thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality. Thank you for the attention and care. The staff here is amazing! We will never forget this trip. Best of luck and God Bless! - Aaron, Michelle, Sierra, Shane - San Diego, CA, USA

Review by Aaron, Michelle, Sierra, Shane (31-Dec-2011)

A wonderful week at the camp!

Thank you so much for a wonderful week at the camp! We came here to celebrate my birthday and it has been a wonderful adventure. From the wonderful vistas of the camp to the incredible daily excursions on Santa Cruz or to neighboring islands, everything was perfect and we made so many incredible discoveries! Most of all, we were able to disconnect from the world for a few days and our kids and the camp are the best way to do that. No TV, no phone!! We will miss the peace and quiet as well as the wonderful sunsets on the platform. Thank you to the wonderful staff for their attentiveness, Felipe for the amazing food and Catherine for her “solutions” to every problem. Well done! All our best and we hope to come back one day! - Isabelle and Aaron - Washington DC

Review by Isabelle and Aaron (15-Jul-2011)

A trip of a lifetime

We were looking for a trip of a lifetime and we certainly got it here! A beautiful setting, wonderful people and delicious food, we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for everything we have had an unforgettable honeymoon. Best Wishes, Natalie and Alex Bowen, Hertfordshire, England

Review by Alex (10-Apr-2010)

What a fantastic experience

What a fantastic experience. From the amazing texture of the front door to the view it open out on. Every detail we have admired. Fantastic food, friendly faces, fun and adventure. I am a big fan of your taste and what you have achieved in this magical safari camp. A great beginning to our married life together. Love Jenni and Aaron

Review by Jenni and Aaron (22-Sep-2009)

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