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The Galapagos Islands put travelers of all ages in the thick of the action, bringing families together for a safari holiday in the heart of Darwin's playground. The untamed wildlife, the stunning scenery and the secluded elegance of Galapagos Safari Camp creates an adventure that spans the generation gap.

Modeled after the classic African safari camps, GSC is designed for comfort and has activities for everyone to enjoy. Our family excursions include time for parents to get away while the young ones are off with guides on adventures; and the kid's club at the camp gives children a chance to explore and learn on their own.

Activities are planned based on the interests of all of our guests; ranging from active endeavors taking surf lessons or hiking volcanoes to relaxed trips leisurely walking the trails of islands in search of wildlife. Our safari holidays can include kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and biking; as well as massages and trips to secluded beaches.

Staying at the camp is an experience where children, young adults, parents, and grandparents envision pirate ships in the bays of uninhabited islands, find inspiration while exploring the natural world above and below the water, and take time to shake off the routine of the modern age.

The focus of the camp is to not only share the natural wonders of the Galapagos, but the aspects of travel that are often lost in the age of today's conveniences. Our safaris create stories, and bring the pages of history books and scenes from movies to life; making time spent at the camp an epic and often surprising adventure.

The safaris that we offer immerse you in the archipelago. Travel is done as it has been for centuries, boats ferry families to neighboring islands. Our guides are well-versed in creating moments that educate and exhilarate, combining a medley of elements that ignite curiosity and set the stage of a lifetime love of travel.

A major part of these excursions and time at the camp is conservation; bringing issues such as climate change, sustainable tourism, and protecting the Galapagos out of the headlines and into each day's events. The islands invoke a distinct sense of place, and leave those who venture here with a renewed connection with nature.

At the camp, meals are served in a central lodge; opening up opportunities for sharing tales around the fireplace after dinner, or spending time taking it easy in the company of loved ones. Our menu was created by an international chef from Spain, offering four-course meals that nourish as well as satisfy using locally sourced ingredients.

The camp is equipped with a family suite that sleeps six, or guests can opt for staying at one of our spacious tents, complete with bathrooms with hot water, and balconies overlooking the lush landscape of the highlands. In additional to the main lodge, there is an infinity pool for cooling off after active days, and lookout for watching the sunset before dinner.

The evolution of the camp into a safari holiday destination for multiple generations of families to come together has been an organic journey.

The owners and founders, Michael and Stephanie Mesdag, raised their children on Santa Cruz; and have created custom itinerates for families for a decade. For more information about what we offer and where we can take you, contact a member of our team through this site or our toll-free number.



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Galapagos Tourism for An Exciting Getaway to These Islands

Galapagos tourism has progressed to the point where the multi-faceted medley of conservation efforts are at odds with the many options for exploring the archipelago.

Read Galapagos Tourism Blog To Stay Updated

This blog is to keep you informed about our efforts towards positive Galapagos tourism, and the ground-breaking projects that others are involved in. We cover the issues that hit close to home, and invite you to discover the latest developments at the camp, in the national park, and beyond each month through our articles.

The scope of Galapagos tourism is such that it has permeated every aspect of the islands. While there are safeguards in place that include limiting the number of people who can visit each site, there is a need for more responsible travel practices in the islands.

Using the classic African safari as our model, we strive to combine conservation with discovery. We grow plants that replenish the land while conscientiously conserving water out of a commitment to preserve the fragile eco-system of the Galapagos.

Plan Galapagos Tourism with Us for Peace of Mind

Our priority is to show our guests the wild beauty and breathtaking grandeur of the Galapagos from an informed perspective. Using this philosophy, we aim to make Galapagos tourism a positive force; giving back to the islands instead of intruding on the environment.

In addition to our work at the camp, we are involved with efforts elsewhere in the archipelago that have similar goals that protect the environment through Galapagos tourism. We partner with organizations that are making a difference through innovative practices that foster community involvement towards a positive impact.

It’s important to know your options and the pros and cons that Galapagos tourism has on the islands when planning a trip. If you have a question about how your travel plans can help protect the environment or would like to know more about the people, places, and projects that we cover in our blog, please contact us through this site for more information.