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Galapagos Islands tours: Once In A Lifetime Experience

We craft our Galapagos Islands tours to give you a genuine appreciation for the natural treasures of the islands. Each trip takes you on an adventure that puts the spotlight on the wildlife and landscape that make Galapagos travel special.

A Galapagos vacation with Galapagos Safari Camp delves into the hot spots without treading on the environment. Our guides are hand-picked for their expertise, warmth, and willingness to go over and beyond during your Galapagos tours. Galapagos travel necessitates time on the water. We use trusted boats and crews for our Galapagos Islands tours, making the journey part of the adventure. Our expeditions are active Galapagos vacations that can include biking, hiking, and surfing. Day trips include stops for snorkeling, giving you time to enjoy the tropical waters and playful creatures that call them home.

Plan Galapagos Travel To Explore Nature Closely

Our signature Galapagos tours are our classic and family safaris. Each makes Galapagos travel a series of moments that inspire, enliven, and refresh the senses. The sites that we visit on our Galapagos Islands tours are chosen because of the natural events taking place during the time of your visit. As such our itineraries change depending on the month.

While our signature safaris are land- based from the camp, our Galapagos tours extends to dive safaris and cruises, easily arranged by contacting our team by phone or through this site.

Our dive safari is a specially designed Galapagos vacation that can take you to the waters off the shores of Bartolome, North Seymour, and Floreana Islands. We combine this option with a day of exploring Santa Cruz on arrival, and offer a menu of popular dives sites to choose from for your enjoyment.

Explore Different Options for Galapagos Vacations

We can arrange Galapagos tours on cruise ships, working with a proven roster of boats that go the extra mile to reach remote islands such as Wolf and Darwin.

While Galapagos travel by ship puts more islands within reach, we recommend that you spend some time at the camp before or after your trip to make the most out of your Galapagos vacation. For land-based cruise extensions, we offer an A La Carte menu of activities to choose from that explore the landscape and wildlife of Santa Cruz.

Our Galapagos Islands tours are a personal way to explore the archipelago in the company of kindred spirits while on the water. A Galapagos vacation is an intimate affair, putting you close to friendly animals while enjoying the warmth of the camp in good company. Galapagos travel by safari is a genuine adventure, taking you far away from the modern world and into the spectacular world of the archipelago.

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