Reading List

The following are a few of the books we can recommend before (or after) your visit to the Galapagos Islands:

Galapagos A Natural History Guide by Pierre Constant
The Beak of the Finch
The Beak of the Finch, Jonathan Weiner
Lonesome George
Lonesome George the Life and Loves of a Conservation Icon, Henry Nicholls
The Voyage of the Beagle, Charles Darwin
The Enchanted Islands
The Enchanted Islands, John Hickman
Galapagos Diary
Galapagos Diary, a Complete Guide to the Archipelago’s Birdlife, Hermann Heinzel
Galapagos Wildlife - A Visitors Guide
Galapagos Wildlife, a Visitor’s Guide, David Horwell & Pete Oxford
Galapagos - A Natural History
Galapagos, a Natural History, Michael H. Jackson
The Enchanted Islands
The Enchanted Islands, Herman Melville
Wildlife of the Galapagos, Julian Fitter, Daniel Fitter & David Hoskins
My Father’s Island, Johanna Angermeyer

My Father’s Island is the true story of a girl on the raw edge of adolescence who discovers the secrets of an impossibly romantic family history. Johanna’s father Hans and his four brothers fled Nazi Germany and sailed to the Galapagos Islands where they lived like Robinson Crusoe surrounded by exotic wildlife. But the war caught up with the Enchanted Isles and Johanna found herself growing up two thousand miles away dreaming of the island her father had loved.