Have Galapagos Experience to Feel Close to Nature

The “Enchanted Islands” as the world calls it, is a place of dreams, of dark stories, of pirates, of incredible wildlife and prehistoric landscapes, inspiring a range of emotions you can only experience by visiting them. We cannot possibly claim that beauty to our advantage. We can only blend into it and let it speak for itself while we focus on what we do best: taking care of you and giving you a Galapagos experience that inspires and enlightens.

A One-of-its-Own-Kind Galapagos Experience

Our Camp was built on a dream. When we first arrived at the site - and before we started anything - we were captivated by the incredible views, our immediate intimacy with nature, the unspoiled and raw beauty of what our senses were experiencing. It was intoxicating and overwhelming in its uniqueness, a Galapagos experience that defied description.

We bought the land and started living there. It became a way of life that connected us to incredible Galapagos experiences and defined our philosophy. We had always been part of a travelling culture, and most of those adventures to exotic destinations where defined by the people who welcomed us with a smile and a commitment to service. By simple but comfortable surroundings, farm to table cuisine and an incredible attention to detail. We decided to become one of those Galapagos experiences that makes travel an adventure.


North Seymour

South Plazas

Isla Isabela

Santa Cruz

Santa Fe

Galapagos Islands Map
Galapagos Islands Map

A Fun-Filled Galapagos Experience to Remember

Our camp is immersed in nature. It is unobtrusive in its architecture, designed with discreet luxury that is unpretentious and familiar. Its the place we call home. We want to share it with you.

From the moment you walk in, your senses are awakened. The views are spectacular and the accommodations warm and welcoming. We take notice of your preferences and anticipate your needs. We love children so we make sure they are happy and taken care of just like our adult guests. Our trips are tailored to your needs, whether you travel alone or with your family. Whether you decide on a cruise or any of our many combinations, our purpose is to provide you with a memorable Galapagos experience. A story to go home and talk about with inspiration.