About Us

Galapagos Safari Camp was built out of passion. Michael and Stephanie Mesdag stumbled on the property while visiting the islands. They gave up life in Europe to build a dream conceived while up a tree admiring the mesmerizing views where the lodge now sits. Galapagos Safari Camp reflects their love of travel and encapsulates their concept of aesthetic harmony with nature.

Every detail at the camp has a personal touch and every element has a history. Our energetic team is the soul of the operation. With Katrien at the helm in Galapagos we are able to deliver what we offer, an unsurpassed sense of care and nurturing.

Michael Mesdag

Michael’s first visit to the Galapagos Islands led him to explore the very last farm on Santa Cruz Island, where he determined that setting up Galapagos Safari Camp was worth exchanging for his life and business in Andalucía. Born in Spain to Dutch parents, educated in England and graduated in the US, Michael’s love for nature and adventure has found a free rein here, where he is involved in several agricultural projects that go hand-in-hand with his vision of sustainability.

Stephanie Bonham-Carter

Brought up in Ecuador and England, Stephanie has lived, studied and worked in over 20 countries. She exchanged wanderlust for a decade-long love affair with the Galapagos, where Michael’s and her children were born. After years living out of a suitcase, Stephanie committed to making Galapagos Safari Camp an authentic experience that brings guests up close and personal with nature, rather than being another predictable hotel.

Katrien Bauters

Katrien has been the Hotel Manager of Galapagos Safari Camp since June 2010. She is responsible for the development, implementation, coordination, and supervision of all accommodations, catering, and other hotel services. Her tourism career began in 2000 as an International Tourism Consultant in Belgium and abroad. Eight years later, she made the decision to move to Ecuador, where she became General Manager for a local hotel chain. Two years later the opportunity arose to manage Galapagos Safari Camp and since then we are proud to be the leaders of client service in the Galapagos with remarkable records of client satisfaction.

Staff Members

And of course Galapagos Safari Camp would be nothing without the loyal support of its housekeeping, kitchen, maintenance, farm, and supportive administrative staff.

Andrea Pinto

Andrea studied International Business at Ecuador's Catholic University. She has worked in the tourism industry for the past 5 years, specializing first in Real Estate Tourism and later in Marketing for another Tour Operator. She is passionate about Ecuador and loves exploring it with her growing family. At Galapagos Safari Camp, Andrea enjoys designing trips that exceed expectations and strives to make each experience memorable.

Amparo García

Amparo joined GSC to assist with Business Development and she now manages the Quito office. Born in Quito, she studied ecology and tourism before embarking on a career in tourism. She has worked for tour operators, developing packages and itineraries, as well as managing costs and budgets. Her goal is to design improved standards to facilitate work in Quito as well as in Galapagos for the company. She has traveled extensively throughout Ecuador and is familiar with all the country's attractions. Amparo works with Paulina Torres who heads the accounting department and runs a tight ship!

Karina Olivo

Karina is Head of Operations at GSC. She studied tourism and ecology at the Catholic University of Ecuador. She has been involved with tourism for the past 15 years, specializing in Galapagos. She loves to travel, enjoys nature and is particularly keen in watersports and diving. She is proud of her country and is passionate about using her knowledge to create memorable operations for guests visiting the Galapagos with us. Cynthia Valverde and Katiuska Romero assist her with the smooth delivery of logistics and operations.

Adriana Zuñiga

Adriana is our newest travel consultant and brings twenty years of experience in the tourism industry to our team. She was born in the south of Ecuador and currently lives in Quito. She attended high school in the United States, where she graduated with honors and received a scholarship to study English at Yale University for a year. On her return to Ecuador, she studied Social Communications at the Salesiana Polytechnic University. She has traveled around the world discovering intriguing and beautiful places, but her love and passion lies in Ecuador, and especially the Galapagos Islands. Adriana loves helping clients discover Ecuador and the Galapagos, and plays an important role at the Galapagos Safari Camp’s Quito office.

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